01 Gift Aiding your Parish Donations



Gift Aid is a scheme by which the parish can claim the tax back on money that you put into the collection at Mass if you are a UK tax payer.  This extra money raised comes at no extra cost to you.  The parish gets an extra 25p for every £1 gift aided which would otherwise go to the Inland Revenue.

There are two ways to Gift Aid your collection money:-

1. Gift Aid Envelopes - You will be issue with a set of envelopes to put your money in each week, You will also have a unique number displayed on your envelopes.

2. Monthly Standing Order - Alternatively, you may wish to set up a monthly Standing Order with the parish. Whatever amount you decide to donate to the parish will go directly into the parish each month.   A further benefit of having a monthly standing order is that the parish still receives a donation from you if you are away for any weekend. If you are interested in setting up a standing order, please print off the appropriate form here,or collect one from the back of the Church and return it completed to me at your earliest convenience.

I urge you to consider joining the Gift Aid scheme either by using Gift Aid envelopes or by setting up a standing order.   For both methods, a Gift Aid declaration form needs to be completed and returned to me. These forms can also be printed off here, or can be collected from the back of the Church,

if you would like any further information about any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact me and details are on the  contact us page

To see an update to this page in light of the suspension of Masses please click here.   (28 March 2020)

Many thanks for all your generosity, and support to our parish, and with every blessing,


Fr Ronald