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To Read the QR Code you will require a smart phone with the QR Scanner enabled.  If your phone does not have a scanner you can download a free one from the app store.    To read the code, click on the code you need, point your scanner at it as if you were taking a photo, and open the code when it appears on your phone screen.


Universalis QR Code  About Today

Universalis QR Code Office of Readings

Universalis QR Code Readings for todays Mass

Universalis QR Code Lauds (Morning Prayer)

Universalis QR Code Terce (Mid Morning Prayer)

Universalis QR Code Sext (noon prayer)

Universalis QR Code  None (Mid afternoon prayer)

Universalis QR Code Vespers (evening prayer)

Universalis QR Code Compline (Night Prayer)


These readings are provided to you free of charge by Universalis, an app which provides much liturgical information especially the prayers of the Church which priests and religious have to pray at set times each day.

The full app, which provides much more information than shown here, can be purchased for a one off fee of £9.99