Sunday Masses

  • St Margaret's,  Lochgilphead at  10:00am
  •  All Saints Episcopal Church, Inveraray at  12:30pm

Weekday Masses

  • St Margaret's,  Lochgilphead at  10:30am
  • Mass times are subject to change at short notice

 Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation, the priest is available before Mass on Sunday 9.30 am and on request.

Holydays of Obligation

  • Christmas Day Masses are as Sunday with the addition of a Vigil Mass at Midnight.
  • Mass time on the Holydays of obligation 10: 30 am  and 6pm at St. Margaret's Parish.

Times of Sunday Masses in other Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Argyll & The Isles can be found by clicking this link.

On a wider scale this link will take you to a website which provides the times of Masses on weekdays, sundays and holidays of obligation at many churches throughtout Scotland, England, Wales and elsewhere in Europe.